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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I just read an article in the NY Times about the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (full article here). Amazon, HP, and Penguin Group is sponsoring the event. They are accepting only 5,000 submissions between now and 11/5/7. The winner will receive a publishing contract along with promotional support for their book. Nice!! You must submit your full novel manuscript, although it is the first 5,000 words that will be reviewed and judged. Readers will be able to vote on the winner, how cool is that? So, if you aren't a slacker like me and actually have a manuscript, head over to Amazon to sign up. Too bad it's before NaNoWriMo finishes.


+PH caretaker said...

I finished editing a friend's manuscript which he submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest the day before the deadline. I didn't know it would be judged by the beginning alone. His conclusion is strongest. We'll see!