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I just read an article about Ernest Hemingway's last home. It is undergoing some much needed repairs. It's sad to think that some in the neighborhood wanted to have the house torn down or moved. After all of his contributions to literature, you'd think people would look at the house and feel a sense of pride in living near it. Maybe it was that far into disrepair, to give them the benefit of the doubt. The Idaho home, is where Ernest Hemingway took his life in 1961 with a shotgun blast to the head. There seems to be some debate as to the reason why, but a family history of suicide doesn't help. It's sad that the home will never be made open to the public. I'd willingly make that pilgrimage.

For those unfamiliar with Ernest Hemingway, he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell To Arms, A Movable Feast, The Old Man and the Sea, and many many others. He was a Nobel prize winner, avid sportsman, and globe trotter. I was first introduced to his work last year during a creative writing class. We read Hills Like White Elephants. Before that, I'd heard of him but not read his work. I recommend that any aspiring writer check out at least one of his novels.


+PH caretaker said...

See if you can find anything about Hemingway's three-toed cat descendants in Key West. Living memorials.

Thanks for your blog.