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This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Try Green Tea

I just got to an interesting section of Peterson's book. She talks about how we set ourselves up for failure by sabotaging our mood when trying to write. Think about it, what do you sit down to write with? My guess is, some kind of specialty coffee drink. Whenever I write in a coffee shop I grab a caramel macchiato with whipped cream. And guess what, it's never a small. I plan on being there a while so I need my fuel. What about when I write at home? I usually grab a coke and some kind of fattening snack like cheese and crackers. I've realized that I need to find healthier ways to either elevate my mood (give energy) or release tension. When I drink a ton of sugar in the form of a coffee drink, I crash after an hour. The sugar gives me a temporary burst of energy, then I'm ready for a nap. So much for writing a lot. I'm only going to post a few of Peterson's suggestions here, really you should buy her book. I can't begin to do her justice here (at least not without copyright infringement):

-Drink unsweetened Green Tea instead of Coffee (this give you better energy without the "edginess of coffee, it also promotes weight loss) If you're feeling fancy, go out and get yourself a cool teapot and cup.

-Take a five minute brisk walk before writing (this raises energy for 1.5 hours with no horrible crash at the end)

-Take natural supplements such as bee pollen, ginkgo or ginseng (always consult your physician first)

One thing I also like to do to get me in the writing mood is listen to guided meditations. I have a cd called Inviting Grace by Tama Kieves that has guided meditations geared directly to writing. The only drawback is I often don't have the time to use them (or more truthfully I don't make the time). I'll get there one day.

On Tuesday our writing group will be meeting at Borders. I'm hoping this will give us a more focused environment in which to work. Also, I can order a pot of green tea there. They serve it in wonderful white ceramic pots. I'll post on that on Tuesday. I did go out tonight and buy stickers for my planner. It did give me a sense of accomplishment to be able to put the sticker over today showing that I had completed my hour of writing. I'm hoping to get my fiance to go walking with me before I write tomorrow. He's been out sick with a sinus infection, the exercise will do him good if it isn't too cold. Fall is coming up quickly. I love the fall, but am not looking forward to the following winter.

So my reward for writing an hour today is $1 toward a new book. I know, a buck isn't much, but if I do $2 I won't be able to afford the books I earn.

Writing Reward Balance = $1


Julian's blog said...

Dear Writerly Habit:

Also, green tea has anti-cancer properties.
In the Orient, they allege that the tasty hot drink also promotes long life!