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Choose Your Own Adventure is back!

How many of you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? I would sit for hours backtracking and reading my way to alternate endings. I loved the ones about haunted houses the best. Didn’t you wish life was like that? Where you could go to the last decision made and change it? Well now you can, sort of. Pretty Little Mistakes, Heather McElhatton’s debut novel, allows you to do just that. You (second person) start off just after graduating high school and get to choose your path from there. There are a multitude of endings, good and bad. There’s even some pretty off the wall accidental death scenes. I can’t wait to read it, sounds wonderful.

That brings me back to a discussion from my fiction writing class earlier this year. Is there a time, other than choose your own adventure type books, that second person is appropriate? I haven’t read much in second person and haven’t written anything. It’s a hard point of view to master, especially without being repetitive. Starting every sentence with You for anything longer than flash fiction gives me a headache (afore mentioned genre excluded of course). So I want to know, does anyone enjoy reading or writing second person stories?


Anonymous said...

The book sounds awesome, thanx for the info!