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Rowling blocks Potter Lexicon

The Harry Potter Lexicon website editor Steve Vander Ark has been sued by J.K. Rowling to prevent publication of the “Harry Potter Lexicon,” a book based on the site content. The part I found amazing was that Steve Vander Ark couldn’t believe that Rowling was trying to block the book. Mind you, I’ve seen speculative fiction books regarding upcoming Potter novels, but those fuel the fire and actually help Rowling sell more books. Rowling also contends that a lot of content was taken directly from the books with little commentary. You can’t just rip apart someone’s books and make your own encyclopedia. It’s not your intellectual property. Rowling is planning on publishing her own Potter encyclopedia and I agree, if this book comes out first it would hurt sales of her book. Who would need two Potter encyclopedias? Honestly folks. If this happened to me, I would have sued too. Rowling has first rights (and really all rights) to write her Middle-Earth. Mr. Ark is simply trying to capitalize on the Potter phenomenon. If he wants to make money off of a book, he should write his own.

Ok, that was kind of scathing. I admit it. Put yourself in her shoes and tell me you wouldn’t defend your intellectual property like it was a newborn child.

J.K. Rowling