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Anyone heard of Arrowgrove School of Erotic Writing?

Has anyone heard of Arrowgrove School of Erotic Writing? They do offer other programs, but this is the one I'm interested in. There are 20 course units, plus you get instructional cds, The Guide to Erotica Markets (is this The Erotic Writer's Market Guide??), and a personal tutor in the field that you send your assignments to. They list specifics on three of their tutors at the present time. Total tuition is $809 (Canadian) if you do the installment plan, $759 if you pay up front. They have a full money back guarantee if you return the materials within 21 days and also if you don't make your tuition back through writing by the end of the course you get a full refund. Sounds too good to be true, but they haven't had any BBB complaints. You'd think if this was a total scam something would be in there right?

They are a dba of Quality of Course in Ontario. I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and they haven't had any complaints in the last 36 months and are a registered member in good standing. I can't find any reviews of this program online (I've considered taking this program for about two years now). Is it just that unpopular or are people more secretive about the fact that they took an erotic writing course? Speaking of which, I haven't decided if I should use a psuedonym when writing erotica. One article I read stated that you should only use one if you are ashamed of what you are writing. I'm not but then again, wouldn't it put a layer of protection between me and any stalker fans? Right now, I don't haven any fans let alone stalker fans. Good to keep my eye on the future though lol. I'd love to get some opinions on this. I'd just hate to think that no one would know of my accomplishments because I used a fake name. I guess there are pros and cons either way. I could just change my first name so it's not totally obvious. Hmm...