The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Erotic Photography

So Nick (my fiance) and I went to Borders yesterday. They have really good pretzels that are served warm. Plus I'm totally in love with their white chocolate latte. When they are in stock (lolz) they put white chocolate chunks on top. Delicious.

Anywho, I was in the bargain section when I noticed they had a lot of erotica and sexual instruction books on sale. It was odd to find these in the bargain section. I'm a huge fan of erotica so I bought several books, at a steep discount. The big find was Erotic Photography edited by Maxim Jakubowski and Marilyn Jaye Lewis. It features hundreds of gorgeous black and white nudes. It's very eclectic, ranging from a tasteful nude to fetish type photographs. The collection is well put together and a true feast for the eyes. I might hang some in a cluster in my bedroom/bathroom once I move. I love erotic photography, especially black and white. It isn't for sexual reasons, although at least for me some of the pictures cross the line into pornography. I'm drawn to the aesthetics of it and the shapes. I got it for $5.99, which is sad. It's a wonderful book. Then again, if it wasn't on the bargain shelf I would never have seen. Go go gadget Borders clearance racks.

I finished my thousand words yesterday and wrote a poem. My note went to Natalie Goldberg, author of Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life and Writing Down the Bones. Writing Down the Bones is my favorite of the two. It's a collection of essays about writing and is truly inspiring. It really helps me to reread it when I am feeling down on myself as a writer. It's a definite confidence booster, you realize you don't have to be a brilliant writer to be a great writer. If that makes sense. Definitely a must have for any writer. Besides, it's one cent on Amazon. $3.99 shipping so a total of $4.00, you can't beat that.

Natalie Goldberg

Today I will be writing two notes, one to each of the editors of Erotic Photography. I haven't started my writing for the day yet. I have an ingrown toenail and had to go to the doctor. That was real fun.