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Rowling to Settle?

U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson Jr. has urged Vander Ark and Rowling to settle their case. He called it a "legal close call," so I'm guessing the laws are fuzzy in this area. I don't know if Rowling will back down unless RDR states it will not publish the Harry Potter Lexicon. I don't think I would, all those years of hard work to just have some hack capitalizing on it, trying to make money off of your original ideas. This case really means a lot to the publishing industry. What will authors need to do to protect their property? Was this brought about because Rowling allowed and endorsed the site to post info about her books? I've heard of a couple of fantasy writers that demand all fanfic and fan art be taken off of websites because of violation of intellectual property. Are all authors now going to have to do this? What impact would this have on the fans? I hope, for everyone's sake, that RDR agrees not to publish.