The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Six Days in Lawton

A post from guest blogger Elise:

My name is Elise, and I’m not much of an author. I get ideas that I love, but rarely get beyond the rough draft. I’ve sent a few submissions to the First Line, and gotten rejection e-mails. I really need to print them out and frame them. It was the first time that I’ve ever submitted anything, so hopefully it will set a trend for me. I write intermittently. I start and stop, I find and lose motivation. I think very poorly of my work, but feel constantly drawn to it. Sound familiar?
The date today is April 29th. Today, my mother and I drove almost six hundred miles to Lawton, Oklahoma. The drive was uneventful, apart from a record Road Kill Count (or RKC). The RKC for this trip was thirty-seven, to include a record two cows, one that was definitely huge and bloated and disgusting. Okay, so maybe the cows were probably not road kill, but of them were both dead, on the side of the road, so my stance is they count. Deal with it. The only other sight of note was some creepy horror movie worthy mannequin. It was sitting in a wicker rocker out front of a store in one of the small towns we went through. The face was all busted up and filthy, and it had on a hat, a dress and a blanket across its lap. Creepy.
I’m getting off the subject. So we drove down to Lawton, which is definitely not my favorite place to be, no offense to those who love it. Even though the city has grown over the years (it has 2 Wal-Marts now), it seems small to me. Maybe part of the problem is, it’s just not home. I don’t know where my favorite restaurants are, or my favorite book store. It’s just strange and small, and I can’t help but dislike it at times.
We come down a couple times a year to visit my grandparents. They live in a trailer in the southern part of town and have no internet connection. As an avid gamer, that really gives me a lot of time to find something to do. I love to read but decided I had an opportunity on this trip. So I’ve only brought a few books and my laptop. I finished Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko on the way and it was much better than the movie.
My plan is to write! I plan to try to squeeze out whatever words I can manage over the next six days. I won’t have my video games or regular, everyday life to distract me. I’ll be keeping a daily tally of how I’m doing, as well as some tidbits about my day. There will probably be several projects in the works, so we’ll have to see what happens. I’m going with a no editing policy for my first draft, and I won’t be counting my entries toward my daily count. Wish me luck!

Day 1: Read a bunch today, but there was so much noise, I waited until late to start writing. Grandma had a rough day today, and we talked a lot earlier. I went for two walks, one short, one a bit more respectable. Other than that, there’s not much to tell. Anyways, here’s my numbers for the day. It isn’t much, but it’s a start.

W.C. 610

Day 2: I slept in until way late today. Grandma was having trouble breathing, so she was taken to the emergency room around 2 a.m. She’s about as okay as she can be today. So I read a little, watched some TV and got to work. No walking today, as it was too hot until evening, and by then my cousin was here. Everyone is at the casino tonight, so I’m trying to take advantage of the quiet. Today I finished Conquistador by S.M. Stirling, which was another excellent read.

W.C. 1276

Day 3: Another lazy day today. I got up early today, but that doesn’t mean anything much got done. Took a walk this morning and then this evening. There’s a big family outing to the “mountains” tomorrow. I put mountains in quotes because until I get further proof, they’re glorified hills. Remember, I’m from Colorado Springs, so I know what real mountains are. We’ll see what all the fuss is about.

W.C. 1455

Day 4: Well, I was impressed with the view, but still disagree with the classification of mountain. Either way it was real pretty, and we spent a few hours up there. I finished Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance. It was pretty good, but now I have only one book left and two more days of Oklahoma, plus the drive home. I may just have to pick something up tomorrow.

W.C. 1638 (I blame Roller Coaster Tycoon)

Day 5: Not much going on so far today. Played some RCT and that’s about it. (Other than my writing of course) I’m pretty excited about my last few totals. I’m hoping to get up to keep up the amount to make up for my awful count on day one. The vast majority of my count so far (including todays) has been on my newest project, and it’s one I’m hoping will survive its infancy.

W.C. 1681

Day 6: Same as yesterday for the most part. I got to hear stories about my Mom as a child around the breakfast table, so plenty of fun. Mom and I went down and bought Grandma some flowers for Mother’s Day and put them out in a planter for her. We’re leaving tomorrow, so Grandma’s really sad today. I kept trying to bribe her to come with me, but she doesn’t leave town much. So, long drive tomorrow and I’m real happy with my word count. If I didn’t have my husband and family in Colorado, I’d probably stay.

W.C. 1349

My total for the entire trip is 8009, about average of 1334 words per day. It’s a pretty good start and I’m excited about getting some feed back. I’d like to thank my sister for hosting my attempt at blogging. It’s my first try, so please be gentle with your comments.