The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

What the hell?

What the hell indeed. Well kiddies, it's been a long time since I've blogged. The reason? My soul sucking job at Carnival Cruise Lines. The good news? Their reign of terror is at an end. I am no longer employed with the company. Six years of hell. I'm so happy it's over. So what am I doing now? I'm journaling, reading, and trying to find myself again. I had stuffed myself into a very small box and allowed it to consume me. Now I'm back on track...finding out what is really important to me. What I want to do with my life.

I plan on following the This Time I Dance method. I'm going to get a job that I don't have to invest myself into. I have an interview tomorrow waiting tables. I also had an interview at another call center, I did really well but don't think I'll take it. I just don't want to wear a headset for another six years.

I've been selling a lot of stuff on Amazon and taking care of the house. At first, I was really worried about losing my job. Then I found out I get to cash out my 401k and pay off my car and a credit card. This means I can make it on less than minimum wage! Wooh!! No more call center work. I realized that the whole reason I got into debt was that I hated my life so I would buy things I didn't need to try and make myself happy. Then I ended up owing so much that I was trapped there. It's been a pretty good week. I haven't gotten any writing done (except for large amounts of journaling) and that's ok. I've been respecting the fact that I am tired and my creative well is dried up. I've been resting and watching old movies.

So, expect to see a lot more postings from me in the near future. I've reorganized my writing group, Pens of Fury, and even have a letter to the editor up for review with the Writer's Digest. Things are definitely looking up. Next week, I'd like to spend an afternoon people watching in a park downtown. Sounds like fun.