The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

And Back Up Again

So funny the way things work. My poetry class merged with the creative writing class tonight for an open mic night. The poet laureate for the Pikes Peak region, Aaron Anstett, came out to do a reading. It was nice to hear from someone involved in the poetry community. I was feeling really down when I went in, but when I read my poem (a tanaga), he asked me to read it again. I was the only person asked to do that. I wonder if professional writers go through these same kind of ups and downs. I'm sure they do...

Lifted Up and Smacked Back Down

It's been a busy semester back at college. Now that I've added a part time job on top of it, it seems I don't have much spare time anymore. Ah well. I do have some good news, I'm going to be published in Almagre, the journal at my school. I felt really good about myself after I got the news, after all another in my writing group did not make the cut and he is a talented writer. Then, as my head was swelling with pride, I got the response from my poetry submission to a different journal (required final for my poetry class). Here's what I got:

Thank you so much for submitting to ________ _________ magazine! Unfortunately, your work isn't quite what we're looking for at the current time, but best of luck elsewhere.

So depressing...maybe it's because it is a small student run (one student) journal that I thought it would be easy to get it. Or maybe I felt invincible by my other publishing success. Or maybe it wasn't going to work for her upcoming issue. Or maybe they suck. Who knows, a whole myriad of thoughts goes through your mind at this point. I guess, unless you are a mega-superstar like Stephen King, the writing industry has a way for humbling you. For each time you are lifted up, you'll be smacked back down and rejected a number of times. The point is to keep pressing on. Remember, even Stephen King had a pile of rejection letters at one point.