The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Lifted Up and Smacked Back Down

It's been a busy semester back at college. Now that I've added a part time job on top of it, it seems I don't have much spare time anymore. Ah well. I do have some good news, I'm going to be published in Almagre, the journal at my school. I felt really good about myself after I got the news, after all another in my writing group did not make the cut and he is a talented writer. Then, as my head was swelling with pride, I got the response from my poetry submission to a different journal (required final for my poetry class). Here's what I got:

Thank you so much for submitting to ________ _________ magazine! Unfortunately, your work isn't quite what we're looking for at the current time, but best of luck elsewhere.

So depressing...maybe it's because it is a small student run (one student) journal that I thought it would be easy to get it. Or maybe I felt invincible by my other publishing success. Or maybe it wasn't going to work for her upcoming issue. Or maybe they suck. Who knows, a whole myriad of thoughts goes through your mind at this point. I guess, unless you are a mega-superstar like Stephen King, the writing industry has a way for humbling you. For each time you are lifted up, you'll be smacked back down and rejected a number of times. The point is to keep pressing on. Remember, even Stephen King had a pile of rejection letters at one point.