The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Journaling: Day 5

Alright so I did my journaling last night. I was in a pretty foul mood yet, as I was writing I seemed to feel better. I started out with stream of consciousness and that led me to my lack of a novel idea. I had a short story idea but had no idea how to work it into a full length novel. Then it hit me, as I wrote, I would write it as a collage. Different time periods in my character's life. Aha! I felt so pumped I ran out and bought a nice little timer ($4.97 for a stainless steel one, $3 for white plastic) at Wal-mart. Tonight I will be writing out my writing action plan (from the aforementioned Time to Write) and then, starting on Thursday I will dedicate 30 minutes a night to my novel. I got one of the old fashioned egg timers that tic, which will make me push more. It feels great to be excited about a project again, I just needed to journal to tap into my creativity. This is something I will continue. Toodles!