The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Giving Yourself Room to Write

So I'm sitting at my perpetually cluttered desk feeling particularly uninspired. Admittedly, I am horribly messy when it comes to my desk. Part of it is laziness, I don't want to put away things I will need again in the immediate future (also because things tend to get lost when I do). Part is that I have no idea where to put things. I have so much junk/papers/books/pens it is overwhelming. It just seems that I have trouble getting my thoughts straight when it is in such a disastrous state. As I prepare to clean my desk off the words of my writing teacher come back to me: remember to give yourself room to write. Whether it is a desk or the coffee table make sure that you honor your work by keeping the space clean. Not only will you be more likely to write, you'll be more likely to consider your work valid. Happy cleaning!

On a side note, some people work well with a messy desk. If you like a little chaos just make sure it is the right kind. Keep candy wrappers and other garbage out of your space.