The Writerly Habit

This blog is about my struggles to get into the habit of writing regularly.

Waiting is Depressing

I have this list on my desk of journals I want to submit to. This is something I started with the new year. They are in order of due date and I cross them off as I get them done. To be honest, I don't really even think about them until a week or so before they are due. This helps me not feel overwhelmed.

At the same time, it is annoying to have to wait so long for responses. I have one that I sent off in August of last year. At the moment, I have four submissions floating around. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it is. It's hard to keep writing when you have no idea how the work you are doing is being received. Or if it even was received.

I guess this goes back to the idea of inward versus outward approval. A teacher of mine once said that if you strive for outward approval, you'll suffer a lot more. You need to develop a thick skin. Be prepared for rejection. Be ok with letting your work go (i.e. submitting it). If you continually strive for outward approval, you'll always be dependent on someone else's opinion of your work. I need to remember that.

On a side note, I am feeling particularly lazy this morning. I have three submissions to prepare for the month (four if I push it) and homework to do. Instead I am thinking about playing some World of Warcraft until my husband gets up. What's that about? I'd love it if I woke up in the morning and couldn't wait to write. Does that actually happen or is it just in the movies?


'Ailina said...

Great post. And you have a great work ethic. Toward the end of your post, you expressed a little regret and/or reluctance about your productivity, but you've got four submissions floating around! That's excellent work!!!